Chapter 2: Why don't customers appreciate that we only use top quality parts and highly trained staff?

Chapter 2 of the Shop Floor Battleground Series:

We use quality parts and have great technicians but our customers don’t seem to appreciate what we do for them!

It is so frustrating to do your best and then have the person you have served not understand what you have done, and the on top of that question your motives. In this webinar we will explore both sides of the repair invoice transaction. Rather than seeing you as someone who sells them services, they will see you as an advocate. Someone who is on their side when it comes to looking after their transportation needs.

In Chapter two of our series you will learn to see automotive service and repair from the customer's point of view. Even you wouldn’t be happy spending money on something you don’t understand.

Reserve Your Seat for: Chapter 3 - Providing service while selling time, is a juggling act until you change the act.

About the Trainer

Murray Voth is a 25 year veteran of the auto service industry has worked with hundreds of shops across the continent, leading them to the Key Performance Indicators that put record profits on their bottom lines. In addition he has provided systems and training that has freed them up from having to work in the business, to working on the business, and the flexibility to come and go as they need. Creating a business that runs by itself, which makes it easier to sell when it comes time to think about your succession planning. Murray’s specialty is leadership, human motivation and providing you with the skills to become an agent of change in your business. Welcome aboard; fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the ride of your life. It’s a one way ticket and you only get one shot at this!